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Developing a website is no longer just for the technically advanced. What took hours of coding in the past can now be completed with a standard word processing program.

An example would be a wordpress site. Once you have logged into your cpanel you’ll find a link (usually at the bottom of the page) that will build a wordpress site in minutes.

Once you have your website built though, you have to find out where you are going to host your it. Webhosts offer storage space on servers so that your site can be viewed worldwide.

When trying to find a host, there are particular things to watch out for, as various hosts provide different services and can range from expense to very cheap. From hundreds of dollars a month to less than $8.00. This is where inexpensive web hosting is available to people on a low budget.

Similar to all things that are cheap, you should remember that you get what you pay for, so you may consider a more expensive reliable hosting. It all depends on the value of you site.

Complimentary/Free Hosting

The majority of complimentary hosting requires that you put advertisements on your site, without any control over exactly what ads are about. These ads often distract your visitors from the content of the site.

Many of the complimentary webhosts also limit the type of content permitted on your site. You will commonly be limited to household friendly content and little file sizes (no big picture/video/sound files). They also limit you on what you can offer on your site.

Many complimentary webhosts have a brief life expectancy, so your hosting could vanish quickly and if you don’t back-up your internet site typically, you can wind up losing a good deal of data.

If you’re serious about your website, your best option is to go with a trusted webhost.

Some plans are as low as $2 a month while others offer discounts if you pay for a year in advance.

Do your homework though, as a low price isn’t really an indication of quality. By doing your homework on available hosting plans you can make certain you’ll find a host that satisfies your requirements.

Even though this is webhosting for a couple of dollars a month, some of the more pricey plans consist of more disk area, greater bandwidth and other add-ons, such as:… databases, e-mail accounts and free design templates can make a big difference.

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